Hi! I’m Simon

My pronouns are he/him, although I answer to pretty much anything.

In line with the colour scheme of this site, this is roughly what I look like:

Picture of me taken at a rooftop music event in Funchal, Madeira

I’m married to Ashley. She’s an awesome product manager and you should totally get to know her if you’re into that sort of thing.

We live on the beautiful island of Madeira, having moved here from the United Kingdom in late 2020 (just before Brexit took effect). We’re luckily considered EU citizens, so moving was surprisingly hassle-free.

We have 2 cats. Their names are Miska (long hair calico) and Sasha (short hair, vaguely tortoiseshell), although this is useless information as neither of them care what we say or call them.

Our two cars Sasha and Miska, looking adorable

Our surname is a combination of our two previous surnames, and is unique as far as we’re aware. Yes, because we’re both nerds, availability of this domain was part of the decision.

I work - you can read more about this if you click the link.

I enjoy DJing, particularly finding interesting relationships between sounds, tracks, and loops… I struggle with anxiety and fear of failure (and particularly public failure) at times, so I don’t really play out or release anything much. I am working on doing better: this site is part of that.

I watch a lot of movies: I have about 450 Blu-Rays, and almost as many digital “purchases”.